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Sunrise and Sunset

We all know the best light is at dawn and sunset, this page is dedicated to determining when that happens. I've provide links that will enable you to generate your own tables plus a table for Loughborough area for 2003.

Sunrise and Sunset for Today at Loughborough

Notice twilight starts about 45 minutes before sunrise and lasts 45 minutes after sunset so you will need to be in place 1 hour before. 

The values on the right are generated based on the current time and date of your PC so if this is wrong I've no hope

The first problem you will have is you will need your latitude and longitude. The following table gives some useful ones.

Place Latitude Longitude
Loughborough 52n47 1w11

Take a torch and warm clothing. You will certainly need a tripod and a slow film to capture all the colours. Also a bit of luck the clouds don't roll in and give a typical UK grey day.

I also have a piece of Windows software that will calculate sun rise and set times I can E-mail to you on request. 

Click on the links below for tables. Remember all the times are GMT. The best way to print this out is once displayed go File>Save As then change the file type to .TXT. Once that's done load up your favourite word processor, or Word Pad and change the Page Set-up to landscape and try printing it out. You may need to mess around with the font sizes. Any problems give me a shout, and this is for Windows only.

This site provides a means for calculating the sunrise and sunset times for any location.