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Rules and Glossary

This page will contain a copy of the current Group rules along with an explanation of the terms used elsewhere in the site.

Slide Battle

These are intended as a fun evening. Everybody is split into three teams and within each team you select a given number of slides to create a pool of images.

Team A displays the first slide and within a minute Team B and C have to select a matching slide each, to display along side. The judge then awards points on the match-ability of the slides. For example Team A will get 10 points for a no match  by either of the other teams or Team B and C will get 10 points for an exact match or 5 for a partial match. Team B then supply the first image and Team A and C find a match.

The criteria for a match depend on the judge and the persuasive powers of each team. Typically this will be subject, colour or form but it is totally discretionary for the judge. Slides can only be used once so as the pool gets smaller the justifications get more outrageous.

Judges are allowed to award extra points for quality of slides, getting a round in or anything else they feel like.

So bring  along some slides along and join in .


General Club Rules

These are the club rules as of the 2nd August 2002, they are provide for information only. The binding set will be provided as part of the membership process.

  1. The group shall be called The Charnwood Imaging Group and membership shall be open to all interested in photography. 

  2. Membership of the group implies the undertaking to comply with and abide by these rules. 

  3. The annual subscription shall be fixed for the following year at the AGM, and will be payable from the first meeting of that season (usually in September).  Any member not renewing their subscription by the end of October will be deemed to have resigned. There is a concession rate for photography students for the 1st year of their  membership.  We would need to see enrolment form as proof.

  4. Prospective members will be allowed 2 free trial meetings after which they will be expected to pay subscription fees. 

  5. New members joining after November 1st will pay a pro-rata rate according to the remaining months left in the season. 

  6. No refund of subscriptions in whole or part will be payable to members who leave the group for any reason. 

  7. The Officers shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer. 

  8. The affairs of the group shall be managed by the Officers and a committee of five to ten members. The committee shall appoint further Officers and Secretaries as is necessary.  

  9.  The retiring President shall remain on the committee until the next AGM in the office of Immediate Past President.  The Vice President shall become the President the following year. The remaining Officers and Committee members will all become eligible for re-election annually at the AGM  

  10. The Vice President elect will be nominated and elected by members at the AGM.

  11.  Special General Meetings may be convened on receipt of a requisition signed by at least five ordinary paid up members, stating the object, and sent to the Secretary at least twenty-one days before the proposed date of that meeting. 

  12.  The quorum for Committee meetings shall be five, and the quorum for an Annual or Special General Meeting shall be fifteen. 

  13.  The Secretary shall keep Minutes of all Committee, Annual and Special General meetings, and also conduct the correspondence of the Society business. 

  14.  The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and monies due to the Group after authorisation of the Committee.  The treasurer shall present a Balance Sheet at the AGM which has been audited by an Ordinary member appointed at the previous AGM. 

  15.   Equipment purchased by the Group shall remain the property of the Group, and shall be shown on the Balance Sheet. 

  16.  The Group shall not be hold responsible for any individual members infringement of the copyright laws. 

  17.   No alteration shall be made to these rules except at an AGM, or a Special General meeting so called for the purpose.  Twenty-one days notice of this meeting must be given in writing.  Two thirds of the members present shall constitute a majority. 

  18. The committee shall have the power to deal with any contingency which may arise and which is not provided for in these rules.



Competition Rules and Advice

The group currently runs three main competitions. These are Slide, Monochrome Print and Colour Print.

Monochrome is defined as a print consisting of variation of tone of a single colour.


PRINTS should be suitably mounted with the overall size at least 18x13cm (7˝x5in) and  no bigger than 50x40cm (20x16in).  Self processed or trade processed prints are allowed for both B&W and colour. Prints must have a title and authors name on the rear.

A maximum of 5 prints may be entered into a competition by an individual. 

SLIDES should be 5x5cm (2x2in) mounts, and should be marked with a spot to ensure correct viewing.  The spot should be placed on the bottom left corner and marked with an indelible pen. Slides must also have the authors name and title on them. 

A maximum of 5 slides may be entered into a competition by an individual. 

The competition secretary has the right to refuse to accept any print or slide not conforming to these rules.


Each entry in a competition will be given a mark out of 20. An overall winner, second and third place will be chosen for each competition.
Points from competitions will be accumulated over the year and your 9 images with highest scores will be totalled and will determine the annual “Photographer of the Year” award. 


These are both acceptable for competitions provided that the main elements of the image were from the camera lens and taken by the author.  Use of images where the author does not hold the copyright is strictly forbidden. Use of copyright free material is not permitted where it make's up the majority of the image


Individuals may not enter the same image into more than one competition. For example you are not allowed to enter the same image as a slide then as a print. The idea is to encourage new work and prevent the same images being rolled out year after year, competition after competition. This 'single use of an image' rule does not apply to inter-club competitions. 

All entries must be recent, i.e. no more that 1-2 years old. 


The aim of the competitions is to promote fun and participation within the group. All members will be encouraged to enter, what ever their level of experience or ability.

The competitions will be judged by members of the photographic profession and this should be viewed as an opportunity to learn from others views and experience. 

Informal Assessments

In addition to the competitions there will be assessment evenings. These will be usually related to previous club activities and is a chance to to compare your work with others from the group and learn from the experience. The normal naming titling rules apply. Images entered into an assessment evening may be subsequently entered into a club competition.