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Programme Updated

11 May 2004

The CIG trip to the Peak District was a great success, enjoyed by all who attended. Despite very flat light some cracking images beginning to circulate. If your interested in seeing the group at work click here.

Many thanks to Colin Hobday for his talk on Monday on Derbyshire not only some wonderful images but a evening full of ideas and suggestions of places to shoot.

This Monday 17th we are out and about again this time at Barrow-upon-Soar for a short photographic walk). Meet on the Car Park near to the Jerusalem Roundabout at 19:15 (please don't be late) there is an assignment for those who need some focus, this will be slide based, for full details check the programme page.

27 April 2004

The result for this seasons Internal Side Competition have been loaded. Congratulations to Brian who's 'Padley Gorge' took first place. 

As this has completed the POTY tables we can send congratulations to Tony Dale, who will be formally crowned at the end of season AGM. 

26 April 2004

Brian is arranging a Derbyshire walk for Sunday May 9th, please see the programme page for details.

29 March 2004

Many thanks to Neville Jackson for his talk on stereo slides and what a show it was he puts a great deal of effort into these and it does show. 

This Friday, the 2nd,  we are taking on Leicester Forest East at skittles in the alley in the Brush.

We are in the process of putting together the slides and prints to go forward to the Inter-club competition with Coalville on the 19th April. To this end we are getting together at Rosemary's house next Monday the 5th to choose the images details and directions to both will be posted on the programme page.

1 March 2004

Thanks to Roberts Sanders for his talk, some wonderful though provoking images. It's nice to see a photographer of such quality will to experiment with new ideas and techniques.

Next week, 8th March, we are away from the Brush again, this time at Brian's home to have a look at some of his video work. There's the address and link to a map on the programme page.

2 February 2004

Many thanks to Paul Bloomer for his talk and some fantastic B&W prints. It was interesting in seeing how to put a panel together of that quality. Also using 5x4 and rail camera's, exposures of 20 minutes or so, it was a different style of photography all together. Also an all to brief look at the prints for his latest panel, abstract and digital. We have seen skilled workers in either traditional or digital but seldom both, Paul fitted that gap.

There is no meeting at the Brush next week (9 February 2004) but we are back on the 16 February when we take on Silbey in a head to head, come along and support your club.

26 January 2004

Good evening last night, always seems to be associated with loads of images to look at. Thanks to Sarah, Tony and Colin for the slides, we're now ready to take on Silbey in a few weeks.

Another chance to look at the prints from last week this time close-up. It's surprising the difference it makes some debate over the judges comments and it's always good to hear from the authors on what they were attempting and how.

We're in the process of putting the programme together for next year so if there's any thing you would be interested in seeing please contact Brian.

19 January 2004

Congratulations to all that entered the Colour Print competition the judge was impressed with the overall quality of the prints. Congratulation to Tony (1st and 3rd) and Steve (2nd). I've updated the POTY table and the individual results see here for details.

6 January 2004

A Happy New Year to all our members.

A lot of information to bring you up to date with. The 60 slides have been selected to go forward into the slide battle with Coalville and Ashby. The battle is on a Tuesday Night the 20th January, it's away at 'The Baptist Church, Dennis Street, Hugglescote', there is a link to a map on the programme page. If you need a lift contact me.

Next week we need to select the slides to go forward to the head to head competition with Sileby. We need the best slides we as a club can find so bring all your best stuff next week 12th and we can all choose those to go forward. The single use rules do NOT apply here as it is not an internal competition. Even if you not entering any slides it's worth coming along just to look at the images and listen to the comments, it's surprising that the authors are usually the harshest critics of their own work.

The colour print competition is fast approaching, can we have all submissions next week, the 12th. Just a reminder, up to 5 prints all the images must NOT have been used in any previous internal competition and must be recent, within the last two years. Label the back of the print with your name and a title.

The Xmas social was a great success and the night out photographing the Xmas lights went well, although I've not seen any results yet, still waiting for film from lab.

8 December 2003

The 12-shot challenge results last night and a good selection of panels it was to. Congratulations to Sarah on winning with some wonderful shots. Also a big welcome to our newest member Emily, though it may be a few years before she holds a camera.

Looking forward to next week, we are out and about photographing the lights around Loughborough, starting and ending up at the Brush (in the Bar). A copy of the sheet for the night can be downloaded from here.

The Christmas Social, is skittles in the Brush, in the skittle alley around the back. We have arranged food, either Chicken and Chips or ploughman's (veggy option). The price is 5 per head please let John know numbers as soon as possible and meal choice. A booking form can be found here

25 November 2003

What an evening and what a series of slides. Last night we saw the best of Rosemary Calvert, she divided the evening into two halves. The first flowers, macro and close-up work not only the pictures but a few drops of the knowledge behind them. For  the second half we moved across the pond and were treated to a tour, the length of America. Then on to the ends of the world, literally the Arctic and the Antarctic and the islands. Add to this two short audio-visual presentations made a packed evening. Many thanks to Rosemary Calvert and good luck for your future expeditions.

10 November 2003

Many thanks to Dave Gibbins ARPS AFIAP for being an excellent judge, some very helpful comments and criticism from which we all learn from. The results are available here along with the POTY table.

Next week we have a chance to review the slides and reflect on Dave's comments. Also the 'Twelve shot challenge' prints should be back.

For next week we are downstairs in the main concert room, the idea is to give us some idea of how the room will work for Rosemary Calvert.

3 November 2003

The slide battle was the usual mixture of desperate comments, insulting comments some really weird images (and the question 'WHY?' was asked several times). Many thanks to Steve Walton for doing the near impossible job of judging, we really must sort the rules out one day.

If you are entering the 'Twelve Shot Challenge' can we have the films back next week (10 November).

27 October 2003

Many thanks for an enjoyable evening given by Steve Myall, judging by the quality of the images your a lot better photographer than you let on. In fact anybody who as that number of studio flash units available is a little more than a struggling amateur. Fantastic range of images as well which is unusual, so again many thanks. 

Next week is the Slide Battle so bring a selection of your wildest slides for an evening of fun and spin. Also can you bring the slides for entry into the Internal Slide Competition.

20 October 2003

Very interesting evening, a chance to try our hands with studio flash and an attractive model. Lets hope the result can do her justice.

13 October 2003

Interesting evening with a lot of Photoshop tips, tricks and skill on display. I sure everybody who attended learned something new, I know I did. We also saw some of the other aspects of digital work including audio visual presentations, animation and ray tracing and rendering.

Next week we have a portrait evening so bring your camera and film (or memory cards, doesn't have the same ring yet does it?). We have models lined up, a set of studio lights and some to help and show us how to get the best from them. 

6 October 2003

A lively debate on the planned exhibition in November 2004. The exhibition will be around the theme of the Greek Elements, that is Air, Water, Earth and Fire. For details download the fact sheet from here.

Please note a change to the programme, next week has changed from the 'Slide Battle' to the 'Digital Photoshop' evening and the Slide battle has moved back. Click here to see the programme.

29 September 2003

Stunning... The shear quality of Anthony Fells images took your breath away, combine that with an obviously deep knowledge of the subjects. He kept us spell bound on Jay's and Kingfishers for several hours. Many thanks to him.

22 September 2003

Many thanks to Kevin, Brian and Lisa for bring slides of their summers exploits. Also Brian and the video of Lea Gardens, it was nice to see what it should look like. All capped off with a look at some of my Mallory Park (Motor Sport) images.

15 September 2003

The new season started with a review of what is planned for the year and this looks to be even better than last year. Along with the usual internal competitions we have two assignments to cut your creative teeth on. The 12-shot challenge and 'Tree for all seasons'.

Next week bring along your work in progress from the summer, lets have a sneak preview before the competitions, you never know it may be the difference between winning and being an also ran.

The New Season

Monday the 15 September sees the first meeting of the new season, if you are an existing member come along and re-new friendships and see what you fellow workers have been up to. If your new come along and meet the group and get some idea of the events planned for the new season.

For the first meeting we have details of the seasons programme. Also an introduction to some interesting photographic challenges for the season. Click here for details of the '12 shot challenge'. There will also be some of last seasons images to jog the memory and set the standard for the new season.



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