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High Points over the years

In the group we like to see the work of the best and bring that work to all the photographers in the Loughborough area. This is the list of big names speakers so far, with more planned for the years ahead.

25 November 2003 - Rosemary Calvert

What an evening and what a series of slides. Last night we saw the best of Rosemary Calvert, she divided the evening into two halves. The first flowers, macro and close-up work not only the pictures but a few drops of the knowledge behind them. For  the second half we moved across the pond and were treated to a tour, the length of America. Then on to the ends of the world, literally the Arctic and the Antarctic and the islands. Add to this two short audio-visual presentations made a packed evening. Many thanks to Rosemary Calvert and good look for your future expeditions.

18 December 2002 - Charlie Waite

Well... what a night. It's rare to meet a photographer of such skill and talent but to be such an inspirational speaker as well, it's hardly fair on the rest of us. Charlie's ability to put across technical points and suggestions, that change both the way you work and look at images, in such a relaxed and yet passionate way that total engrossed the whole audience is unbelievable. To then move on to look at some of his images, so many that I've seen over the years and remembered without knowing the author. If only my best work was as good as his mistakes. But all to soon the evening was over.

Many thanks to the sponsors that helped us put on the event, Astra Zeneca, Lee Filters, Transpacolour and the Quality Hotel. Many thanks for all the people who put some much time and effort in to organisation of the event. Thanks to all that came along, but most of all many thanks to Charlie Waite both for the evenings entertainment and for the enduring images he produces.