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Exhibition Planning

For November 2004 we have an exhibition booked for the Charnwood Museum. This page will contain all the details and progress on the planning to one of next seasons major events.

The Theme

The theme for the exhibition is 'Elemental' as in the Greek elements. These are earth, water, air and fire.

Each wall in the gallery will be devoted to one element

Print Submission

You can submit any number of prints towards the exhibition, and we have scheduled several evenings to look at these for inclusion in the exhibition. Can you supply them un-mounted and in a plastic wallet or some other method of protection.

We need to mount and frame the prints prior to the exhibition and will be using the museums frames. The board size will be 32" x 22" (inches) and we will be looking to window mount several prints on one board. All the boards will be in portrait format.

The Location

The Opening evening