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Link to other Sites

Below is a collection of links to other sites on the web. A brief search of the web will show there are a myriad of sites out there so this is but a tiny selection.

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Photographic Organisations

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Midland Counties Photographic Federation We as a group are a member of the above, visit their site to see fellow clubs and events organised on a regional basis.
Royal Photographic Society
East Midlands Branch - Royal Photographic Society
Federation Internationale De L'Art Photographique (FIAP)

Education and Courses

City and Guilds Home Page This is the home page for the City and Guilds. The information is limited but it's a starting point.
Loughborough College These guys run the City & Guilds courses that started most of us off.

Websites of interest This is an indexing site with links to most of the bodies you need, but more useful they are only the UK sites.
This is a link site for all art related activities in the Charnwood area. Includes a great what's on guide for local events, which includes us.
webWORKS webWORKS is a free, self-managed facility for artists of any experience or background to display and share their work with the world wide audience of the Web.
BJP Online BJP List of Top Photographic Sites General site with tips, hints.


Julie Oswin
Julie and Steve are the course tutors for the C&G course and this gives some idea of the standards we aspire to.
Transpacolor or K&S
Walks in the Peak District



A source of cheap film, batteries and other goodies.

The Camera House (Loughborough)

Tetenal inkjet papers are very good especially the semi-matt. Also the link here takes you to the page of colour profiles. If your printer is not mentioned look towards the bottom of the page for the 'Tetenal Photo Colour Management'. This work really well for me.


LocalLife Portal Site to sites of interest in and round the Loughborough