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Title Name Points
The Big One Tony Dale 19
Pillar Box Shadows Tony Dale 16
Stepping Out Tony Dale 15
Waiting Tony Dale 15
Watercolour Pans Tony Dale 14
  Tony Dale Total 79
Tidal Soldiers Steve Chapman 17
Twilight Express Steve Chapman 15
The Irish Mail Steve Chapman 13
A Steam Revolution Steve Chapman 12
Autumn Waters Steve Chapman 12
  Steve Chapman Total 69
The Boat House Russell Jesson 18
Eileen Russell Jesson 18
Flat Out Russell Jesson 18
What's love got to do with it Russell Jesson 12
Last Rays Russell Jesson 11
  Russell Jesson Total 77
Near and Far Mike Clooney 18
Travellers Rest Mike Clooney 15
Steaming Giants Mike Clooney 14
Short Lived Beauty Mike Clooney 13
Come and Get Me Mike Clooney 9
  Mike Clooney Total 69
Durdley Beach Lisa Noon 16
Stauton Harold Lisa Noon 16
Snowy Day Lisa Noon 15
Aqua Sea Lisa Noon 10
All Alone Lisa Noon 8
  Lisa Noon Total 65
Cropston Reservoir John Baker 13
The Wrinkles of Age John Baker 11
White Hibiscus John Baker 9
Canarian Beauty John Baker 9
Greek Sunset John Baker 8
  John Baker Total 50
Tulip Heart Helen Gray 13
Red Rose Helen Gray 12
Portscathe Dawn Helen Gray 11
Symmetry Helen Gray 10
Backlit Anemone Helen Gray 9
  Helen Gray Total 55
Church at Stanford on Soar Colin Brown 13
Juice Man Colin Brown 11
Golden Dome Colin Brown 11
Dragon Fly Colin Brown 10
Floating Colin Brown 9
  Colin Brown Total 54
Padley Gorge Brian Ratcliffe 20
Vintage Symmetry Brian Ratcliffe 19
A Friend of Mine Brian Ratcliffe 17
In Memory of Trees Brian Ratcliffe 17
What are you staring at Brian Ratcliffe 14
  Brian Ratcliffe Total 87
  Grand Total 605