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Red Eye Elimination

There are as many methods for eliminating red eye from images, as there are Photoshop workers. Here are two ways, one fast for but will only work on Photoshop the other more generic.

  The starting point for both is to select the pupil or in this case both pupils. Notice in this case the use of guides when selecting using the elliptical marquee tool. To get these guides select View>Rulers which creates the ruler down the left and along the top edges of the image. Now click in the ruler and drag out a guide, a vertical from the left and a horizontal from the top.


Now lets try the quick method go to the channels tab. Then click on the red, green and blue channels one after another.

Now notice how white the pupils are in the red channel or in other words they are far, far to red.

We need the red levels about the same as the green or blue. How do we do that, well click on the green channel and press Ctrl-C or Edit>Copy. This has copied the selected areas to the internal clipboard. Now click on the red channel and press Ctrl-V or Edit>Paste.

Click back on to the RGB channel and its job done.

The alternative method, again make the selection and this time use the menu Image>Adjustments>Replace Color… Set the Fuzziness to 200. Selected the eyedropper and click on the red part of the eye. Now make the following adjustments in the following sequence. 1) Set the saturation to –60, set the lightness to –30 then adjust the hue to match the surrounding eye colour.